What We Believe

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Our Mission

To know Jesus Christ personally and to make Him known universally.

Church Covenant

Having been led by the Spirit of God to profess our faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and having been baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, we do now solemnly and joyfully affirm our covenant with God and with each other.


We pledge to serve Christ in the fellowship of this congregation.  With the help of the Holy Spirit we shall endeavor to love one another, to share in each other’s joys and sorrows, to remember each other in prayer, and to minister to each other in times of need.  We aspire to be a fellowship where seekers may find meaning for their lives, where the lost may find Jesus Christ, where sinners may find pardon, and where all who come may find welcome.  We strive to be dedicated church members through faithful attendance, study, and giving.


We shall seek to be obedient to Christ in our daily living.  Through our attitudes and actions we will reflect God’s Holy Spirit working and dwelling within us.  Because our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, we shall endeavor to avoid experiences and habits which defile the body and hinder our witness.


We shall pray and labor for a spirit of unity among all who confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.


Believing that the church is a redemptive and witnessing community, we commit ourselves to the mission of discipling the world.  Being ministers of God’s reconciling love, we shall endeavor to break down barriers of hostility and distrust.


Acknowledging our human frailties and confessing our need for forgiveness, we commit our lives to Jesus Christ, and through Him to the grace and mercy of Almighty God. Amen

Our Beliefs

Belief One

Explain each belief with the goal of helping visitors imagine how their beliefs will fit with yours, raising trust and inviting curioriosity.

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Visitors will be critical of what they read on this page. It’s best to be transparent and authentic about who you are.

Belief Two

Use an image or an icon to add context to each belief, or remove the image and let the text speak for itself. 

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Try to keep your images in the same “aspect ratio” like 1:1 (a square) or 16:9 (widescreen). This will help maintain a strong grid. Also consider using the same amount of text lines before the “show more” button to maintain a strong grid. Your overflow can be of variable length. 

Belief Three

Common Beliefs that visitors are interested in knowing about might include: Bible, God, Jesus, Church, Communion, Inclusion…

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Trinity, Prayer, Social Justice, Baptism, Salvation, etc.

Belief Four

You don’t have to list all of your beliefs. Include those of greatest interest to guests. Try to stick to 6, 8 (+ a unique extra box), or 9 beliefs. 

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Doing so will help you to maintain a strong grid while not overwhelming your visitors. 

Belief Five

We hope you are enjoying the tips in this content. Open up the “show more” content to see even more important tips.

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Short videos can be great ways to expand on individual beliefs! You could link to videos or sermons about them in these drop-down sections.

Belief Six

Below this row is a button. You can use it to send people to an external site that talks about your denomination’s beliefs (for denominational churches).

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If your church doesn’t have defined beliefs that differ from those of your denomination, you may consider sending them there directly instead of fully building out this section. 

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Resource One

Optional description of a resource that adds context to your beliefs.

Resource Two

Use this section to give people more information.

Resource Three

Be sure to have external links open in a new tab.

Resource Four

This entire section is optional…

Resource Five

However, it could also help build trust with guests.

Resource Six

You can also use internal links, PDFs, link to books or videos, etc.