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Dan River WEE School offers a variety of programs to meet the growing needs of your preschooler and your family. WEE learn through play, wonder, imagination and exploration to ensure success as children move forward in their educational careers. Classes are available in 2’s, 3’s and Pre-K age groups for half-day and full day programs.  Our school year runs from late August through May.  Registration for the coming school year begins in February.

Our Philosophy 
The purpose of the weekday program is to provide our community with the highest quality, faith-based preschool experience possible.  The school encourages the child's growth spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and socially.  Through happy experiences, the child builds a positive attitude toward school and church.

About Our School and Staff
Dan River WEE School is operated as a part of the church’s education program under the supervision of a church-elected committee, the WEE School Director, and the pastor. The staff consists of the director and several teachers. The staff strives to be current on preschool educational issues and participates in a variety of yearly training experiences.

Our Curriculum
As a faith-based Preschool, all of our programs begin with the W.E.E. Learn curriculum to create a strong Christian foundation for learning.  Weekday Early Education (WEE) Learn Curriculum is a developmentally appropriate weekday curricula for Christian settings designed for young children ages birth through Pre-K. WEE Learn is grounded in evidence-based practices; programs using the WEE Learn philosophy and curriculum work to support children and families.  Children’s individual differences and learning styles are considered as they learn through play and interactions with supportive early childhood teachers to maximize each child’s learning potential.

Admission Policy
An application packet can be obtained from the Director's office or here on-line.  There is a $60.00 fee (non-refundable) due with each application.  The date and format for accepting application forms will be announced at an appropriate time later on.

Dan River Baptist Church W.E.E. School is operated as part of the church’s educational program under the supervision of the W.E.E. School Executive Committee, the W.E.E. School Director, and the Pastor. 

2021/2022 Staff
Mrs. Karen Smith - Director
Mrs. Stacey Tingen - Pre-K Teacher
Mrs. Alex Brown - 3 Year Old Tteacher
Mrs. Randi Carswell - 2 Year Old Teacher and afternoons
Mrs. Barbara Casparius - Chapel and Music Teacher
Mrs. Dottie Brown - afternoons
Mrs. Brandy Bagbey - afternoons
Mrs. Jenny Plitt - Chapel and Music Teacher



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