"What good can you do?"
John Wesley once said,
          “Do all the good you can,
          by all the means you can,
          in all the ways you can,
          in all the places you can,
          at all the times you can,
          to all the people you can,
          as long as ever you can.”
Good advice, but what would it look like if we really lived that way? How far are we willing to go to do “good”? How much would we be willing to sacrifice? Would we be willing to expend the energy and resources to do “all the good (we) can”?
Perhaps a story Joni Eareckson Tada shared sums it up best. A few years ago Joni met a man named George. She and George struck up a quick friendship. You see, George, like Joni, is paralyzed and is forced to live out his days in a wheelchair. George lives in Malawi, and wheels from village to village sharing the gospel with the poorest of the poor. Joni had encouraged George to let her know if ever he needed anything, promising him that through her network of friends they could help provide anything that would support his ministry.
One day Joni received a letter from George. In the letter he made a simple request, “Could you please send me some of your husband’s old dress shirts. My dress shirts are completely worn out, and I wish to look my best when I serve Jesus.”
Joni was struck by the simple request. Of all the things George could have requested all he asked for was a few slightly worn shirts. She immediately gathered a number of her husband’s shirts and sent them to George. That day Joni gained a new respect for this humble man who was willing to go to such extraordinary lengths to serve Jesus.
Someone once asked George why he would travel from village to village, pushing himself along the dirt roads in a wheelchair. His response, “Why wouldn’t I? Look at all God has done for me.”
“Doing all the good you can” may mean pushing yourself further than what is comfortable…, or it may mean taking a look in your closet for some used dress shirts that could be helpful to someone sharing the gospel.
(Prayer: “Lord, show me the good I can do today.”)

In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works: in doctrine shewing uncorruptness, gravity, sincerity.                  Titus 2:7 (KJV)



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