“He came down here”
A father was in the backyard teaching his son how to shoot a basketball shot.  The small boy was struggling to get the ball to go high enough and far enough to make it through the hoop.  The father would take the ball and say, “Just push it, like this.”  And then he would throw the ball through the basket.  The boy would try, but the ball fell short.  “Try again,” the father said, “just like this.  Again, the father took the ball and easily made a basket.  The boy tried with all his might to shoot just like his father, but as hard as he tried the ball would always fall short.
After many shots the father said, “Why can’t you shoot it the way I have shown you?”  To which the son replied, “Because, it’s easy for you up there, but I’m stuck down here.”
We often have the same problem, don’t we?  It’s easy for God to instruct us concerning peace, and love, and joy, and patience.  After all, He’s up there, and we’re stuck down here.  He doesn’t have to live amidst Coronavirus, protests, racial tensions, financial setbacks, and the like.  Sure, He can talk about all of those virtuous qualities of Christianity… but He’s up there, and we’re stuck down here!
But, have we forgotten… He came down here.  He lived among us, He had friends and loved ones who got sick and died.  He suffered, faced storms, went hungry, had people disagree with Him, and in the end was killed for no justifiable reason.  He came down here, He endured all of this, so He has the right to speak of love, and patience, and peace, and joy.
The next time you get frustrated by world events, the next time you have tragedy strike, or the next time you simply are having a bad day remember – Jesus has had those kinds of days as well.  And, He has taught us how to live through those days by showing us how to keep our focus on the eternal.
He came down here to provide salvation for all… but He also came to teach us how to live through the adversities of life.
Thank you, God, for coming down here!

“Be merciful unto me, O God, be merciful unto me: for my soul trusteth in thee: yea, in the shadow of thy wings will I make my refuge, until these calamities be overpast.”                  Psalm 57:1



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