"The Step of Faith:
In our lives we are often asked to take a step of faith.  To believe that the impossible is possible.  It is at that moment that we make a huge spiritual decision.  Will we believe and respond, or will we doubt and refuse?
It was at a wedding feast that we see this very thing recorded in the scriptures (see John 2).  Jesus was a guest at a wedding when the unthinkable happened. . . They ran out of wine.  Jesus’ mother brought the problem to His attention with the expectation that He could resolve the issue.  Jesus told the servants to fill 6 large jars with water.  This they did, filling them to the brim.  Then Jesus instructed them to take some of the water to their superior.  He tasted it and the water had become wine . . . The finest wine of the day.
There’s a lesion there.  It’s not a lesson about how to make wine, but a lesson about how to take a step of faith.  When He was asked to solve the problem, Jesus instructed the servants to fill the jars with water.  Unusual, right?  They needed wine, not water.  How would water fix this?  But the servants obeyed, without ever voicing their disbelief.  That’s always the first step to any miracle - obedience.  Whatever God tells us, no matter how outrageous it may be, we must obey.  If the servants had said, “This will never work,” and had refused to fill the jars the impossible wouldn’t have become possible.  So, instead of refusing, they filled the jars to the brim.
The second act of faith came when Jesus instructed them to take some of the water to their supervisor.  This forced them to act upon their beliefs.  If the supervisor tasted water he could have had the servants flogged, or even worse.  What was it that caused them to obey Jesus instead of their own judgment?  Faith!  They believed in Jesus, and were willing to obey in spite of what common sense dictated.
This begs the question - “What about us?”  We all face moments where a step of faith is necessary.  We all hear the voice of God telling us to do the impossible.  Someone has spoken harshly to us and God says, “Forgive them.”  Money is tight and God says, “Give”  Someone lets us down in a moment of crisis and God says, “Be patient.”  Our first response may be, “HOW?”  But if we wish to see a miracle we must take the step of faith, and obey.
So, listen for God’s instructions and follow them faithfully.  That’s when the impossible becomes possible.
“For we walk by faith, not by sight."   2 Corinthians 5:7



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