“Why do we do it?"
I think of all the sacrifices we make at Christmas.  We spend a great deal of money picking out the perfect gift for everyone on our list.  We spend an extraordinary amount of time shopping, decorating, wrapping, and spreading holiday cheer.  We sacrifice our comfort, our mental health, and our frayed nerves pressing through the throngs of people to get everything accomplished just in time for Christmas morning.  Yes, we sacrifice a great deal.
But just when I begin to feel sorry for myself, I am confronted by the sacrifices God made for each of us on that very first Christmas.  Think for a moment about all He left to come dwell among us.  In an instant He left the splendor of heaven to enter the womb of a peasant girl.  I can’t begin to comprehend the majesty of God’s throne, but He abandoned it to rest in a feeding trough.  At one moment He was surrounded by angelic choirs, the next He was encircled by cows and sheep.  The One who could know no pain began a life of pain and suffering.  Leaving a realm where there is no death, He came to die for us.
I may sacrifice a little money, a slight measure of frustration, and a small amount of time, but my sacrifices will never come close to the sacrifices He made for you and me.  But the question still lingers, “Why?”
I know why I sacrifice for those on my Christmas list.  I endure all the struggle because of our relationship with each other.  I sacrifice year after year out of love.  That’s when it comes home… that’s exactly why God sacrificed for us – “LOVE!”
My love can be measured in dollars and cents, in time and mild discomfort, but His sacrifice is incomprehensible.  For the God of the universe to have been willing to go through so much to bring Christ into the world so that He would be willing to die for each of us demonstrates the vastness of His love.
This Christmas you, too, will endure an array of sacrifices.  As you do, I hope you will pause to consider His sacrifices for you.

“No one has greater love than this, that someone would lay down his life for his friends.  You are My friends….”         John 15:13-14a (CSB)



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