"Where is your mission field?"
Mission support is at the heart of many of Dan River’s activities. We collect items to be used to bless others and spread the gospel. We periodically study about the ongoing work in various mission fields.  We even see missions at the heart of our church’s mission statement:
“To know Jesus Christ personally
and to make Him known universally.”
All of this allows our church to be a part of the ongoing expansion of the Kingdom of God.  But, what about us?  Do we see ourselves as missionaries?  We tend to compartmentalize our lives.  We place our faith and religion in a small compartment over here, and then we place all the other aspects of our lives in another compartment over there.  We seek to keep the two very separate.  But why?  Shouldn’t our love for Jesus be at the forefront of all our activities?
A young woman was sitting next to a minister on a flight.  As with most conversations they soon began to discuss their vocations.  When the minister identified himself as a pastor, the woman began to speak of her admiration for people who are led into full time ministry.  She exclaimed, “My parents were missionaries, and I have often been tempted to quit my job and become a missionary to Brazil.”
The minister asked where she was currently employed.  “I just recently graduated with a degree in molecular biology and am flying to my first job teaching at a college in California,” she said.
“Do they need Christ on the college campus where you will be teaching?” the minister asked.
“Yes, I’m sure they do.  Most college campuses are filled with young people struggling to find their way,” she replied.
“Then may I suggest,” said the minister, “that the college campus might just be your mission field… unless you feel God really wants you in Brazil?”
The young woman became excited at the thought of blending her passion for teaching with her desire to share her faith.
God doesn’t always ask you to go to some far away land to spread the gospel.  All He asks is that you be “on mission” for Jesus Christ, wherever you go!

For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord.  Walk as children of light.
Ephesians 5:8 (CSB)



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