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Thank You
Thank you for the bags brought to us from the church.  We appreciate the cards and phone calls we have received.  We miss everyone!

                                                 Ira and Nelda Ingram

Budget Committee
Changes were made to the proposed budget as a result of last Sunday’s Business Meeting.  Copies of the Amended Budget are available at the Sanctuary entrances.  The following changes were made at that session;
1. Line 5914, God’s Girls, was removed from Budget and replaced (on same line) with Young Life for $2,000
2. Line 5110, Cooperative Program increased to $29,144 as a result of above
3. Line 5120, Association Missions increased to $7,286 also as a result of above
4. Total Budget increased to $279,294 for same reason and Weekly Budgeted Need increased to $5,371
Additionally and outside of the budget, there was a motion to approve “Up to $20,000 to repair water infiltration into the building.”  This problem is primarily isolated to the Choir Room, but there are some other areas that will be addressed as money permits.
The vote will take place Sunday, December 6, following the Worship Service.

Baby Dedication
We will have a Baby Dedication service Sunday, November 22, at 11:00 AM.  If you have a young child you would like included in the service, please contact the Church Office by Wednesday, November 18.

The youth will meet in the Fellowship Hall Sunday, November 22, at 6:00 PM for a social distancing dinner, fellowship, and Bible study.  Be sure to wear your facemask!  Look forward to seeing all of you!  Contact Daniel Barker at or 434-222-0332 with any questions.

Pastor Search Committee Update
The Pastor Search Committee met with Dr. Tony Brooks, Field Strategist for Southside Virginia BGAV, on Tuesday evening.  He presented many helpful suggestions as we seek the pastor that God is preparing for us.  More than ever we realize the need for your prayer support as we as a church ready our hearts and minds to be completely obedient to His will.

Pastor Search Committee Survey Instructions
The Pastor Search Committee distributed surveys designed to obtain your opinions and preferences regarding a new pastor.  The deadline to return surveys is November 25, 2020.  Additional surveys are available at the entrances to the Sanctuary.  Return boxes are at the entrances to the Sanctuary and Education Building.  Please help the Committee by prayerfully completing and returning these surveys as soon as you can.

Mission Room
The Women on Mission are organizing a Church Mission Room.  There are items you can borrow, such as a wheelchair, cane, and shower seat.  Contact the Church office if you would like to borrow or get one of these items to keep.
In addition, if you would like to donate one of these gently used items, please contact the Church Office.

Honoring The Gibsons
In December, Doug and Marilyn will be leaving Dan River Baptist after 16 years of service.  Anyone who would like to write them a note or send a card is asked to drop it off at the Church Office by December 13.  In addition, cards or notes can be emailed to or mailed to the Church Office, Attention:  Gail Martin.  All of the unopened items will be placed in a box to be given to Doug and Marilyn as we thank them for their dedication, love and support to Dan River Baptist.

Staying Connected
Sunday services - in the Sanctuary with certain restrictions; the Dan River Baptist Church Facebook page each Sunday at 11:00 AM; Drive-in Church (Pull onto the church parking lot and tune your radio to FM 95.9 to hear the service.)

Sunday School lesson - Wednesdays at 1:00 PM on the Dan River Baptist Church Facebook page.

Updates - use the church’s website,, or the Dan River Baptist Church Facebook page.  (Call the Church Office with any questions about services and activities.)  Emails are sent to the church family as changes are made as well.

Request from Dan River Baptist Association
November 4, 2020
To:  DRBA Churches
From:  DRBA Administrative Committee
Dear Church Family:
The DRBA Administrative Committee would like the input of each church as to whether to keep our Association Van or sell it.
Please respond with the words “keep” or “sell” by the end of the month.  Please send all responses to the DRBA Office at PO Box 885, Halifax, VA 24558 or e-mail to:
If the majority says to sell, the Administrative Committee will bring a recommendation to the Executive Committee to sell the van in the February 2021 Meeting.
With Regards,
The DRBA Administrative Committee
Eldridge Cullum, Interim Chairman
· 1995 15-Passenger Van with 109,000 + miles
· There is no storage facility.
· Tires are one year old with low tire pressure now.  Tires dry rot due to inactivity.
· Liability can be an issue with age and lack of use.
· Van used by about 6 churches with some using only once a year.
· Van not been used due to Covid virus this year.  No scheduled usage for the remainder of the year.
· Association donations are holding their own but expected to decline (hopefully not) in the coming months unless things get back to normal.
· We must find ways to operate without unnecessary expenses.


November 26th Thanksgiving Day

November 29th
First Sunday of Advent











Wednesday, November 18
9:00 AM  WEE School
1:00 PM  Adult Bible Study (View on the Dan River Baptist Church Facebook page)

Thursday, November 19
9:00 AM  WEE School

Friday, November 20
9:00 AM  WEE School

Sunday, November 22
11:00 AM  Morning Worship Service/Baby Dedication
6:00 PM  Youth

Monday, November 23
9:00 AM  WEE School

Tuesday, November 24
9:00 AM  WEE School

Wednesday, November 25
9:00 AM  WEE School
1:00 PM  Adult Bible Study (View on the Dan River Baptist Church Facebook page)

Thursday, November 26
          Thanksgiving Day (Church Offices Closed)

Friday, November 27
(Church Offices Closed)

Sunday, November 29
Advent Begins
Week of Prayer for Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions — November 29-December 6
11:00 AM  Morning Worship Service/Return Bread Banks
11:00 AM  Children’s Worship



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