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Global Hunger Relief
Southern Baptists are fighting the global hunger crisis through Global Hunger Relief.
Established in 1978 as the World Hunger Fund, Global Hunger Relief is an initiative of the Southern Baptist Convention dedicated to combating hunger and sharing the Bread of Life.
GHR funds are used in Gospel-centered hunger projects that share God’s love in both word and deed.
Bread banks will be distributed following today’s service.  You can find the banks in the Foyer and at the side entrance to the Sanctuary.  Prayerfully fill your bank and return it to the church at the Thanksgiving Eve service Wednesday, November 24.  One-half of the money collected will go to the BGAV to help end world hunger and the other half will go to support local food needs.

Church Steering Committee
The Church Steering Committee will meet in the Fellowship Hall following today’s service.

Attention Youth
The youth will meet in the fellowship hall for dinner, a time of fellowship, and Bible study October 17 and 24 at 6:00 PM .  Please invite your friends.  For questions, please contact Daniel Barker at 222-0332 or at

Business Meeting
The Quarterly Business meeting is Wednesday, October 13, at 7:00 PM.  All committees and anyone else with reports for the meeting should have their reports in the Church Office by Monday, October 11, for inclusion in the Book of Reports.

WEE School Executive Committee
The WEE School Executive Committee will meet in the Library at 4:30 PM Thursday, October 14.

Capital Campaign Fundraising Committee
The Capital Campaign Fundraising Committee will meet in the Fellowship Hall Thursday, October 14, at 7:00 PM.

Pastor Search Committee Update
The Pastor Search Committee continues to meet weekly and work diligently.  The committee gave an update on progress to this point following the service Sunday, October 3.  Please continue to pray for the committee and for our future pastor as together we strive to follow God’s will for our church.

Appreciating your pastor
Many people have complex relationships with their pastors because faith, church and God involve a mix of emotions.  We have particular ideas about church practices, congregational priorities, the minister’s use of time, money, authority and more.
But most pastors are deeply devoted to Christ and believe that God has called them to serve in a certain place.  They have the best of intentions and work hard to share the good news of the gospel.  So in honor of Pastor Appreciation Month in October, consider the following:
God doesn't call the qualified; he qualifies the called.  Your pastor may need time to learn and develop certain skills.  (Everyone does!)  Bless pastors with your patience.
We don't change the message; the message changes us.  You probably won’t like all your pastor’s sermons or newsletter columns.  But instead of complaining, ponder that something may rub you the wrong way because God is trying to change you.  Keep an open mind and heart.
If a church wants a “better” pastor, it just needs to pray for the one it has.  Pray often and caringly for your pastors, church leaders and their families.  The role is challenging, so support them spiritually and ask God to reveal his love and grace to these special servants.

Mission Action
The October Mission Action is to collect items for Blessing Bags for our local fire departments and rescue squad.  Items needed include:
Wrapped Candy;  Granola Bars; Little Debbie Cakes; Small Hand Sanitizer
We continue to collect aluminum pop tops for Ronald McDonald Houses in Durham and Wake County.





October 1st thru 31st Clergy Appreciation Month

October 11th
Columbus Day

October 31st










Tuesday, October 12
9:00 AM  WEE School
5:00 PM  Bible Drill
7:00 PM  Pastor Search Committee

Wednesday, October 13
9:00 AM  WEE School
10:00 AM  Patty Davis Sunday School Class (Fellowship Hall)
6:45 PM  Prayer Concerns/Quarterly Business Meeting

Thursday, October 14
9:00 AM  WEE School
4:00 PM  Old Country Steak House (Senior Adults)
4:39 PM  WEE School Executive Committee (Library)
7:00 PM  Capital Campaign Committee

Friday, October 15
9:00 AM  WEE School

Sunday, October 17
9:45 AM  Sunday School
10:50 AM  Prayer Concerns
11:00 AM  Worship Service
11:00 AM  Children’s Worship
6:00 PM  Youth (Fellowship Hall)

Monday, October 18
  9:00 AM  WEE School
12:30 PM  WEE Faculty Meeting

Tuesday, October 19
9:00 AM  WEE School
4:30 PM  Bible Drill
7:00 PM  Pastor Search Committee (Fellowship Hall)

Wednesday, October 20
9:00 AM  WEE School
10:00 AM  Patty Davis Sunday School Class (Fellowship Hall)
6:45 PM  Prayer Concerns
7:00 PM  Adult Bible Study

Thursday, October 21
9:00 AM  WEE School
9:30 AM  Mountain Trip (Senior Adults)

Friday, October 22
9:00 AM  WEE School
5:30 PM  Children’s Halloween Fun Night

Sunday, October 24
9:45 AM  Sunday School
10:50 AM  Prayer Concerns
11:00 AM  Worship Service
6:00 PM  Youth (Fellowship Hall)



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