Dan River's Mainstream

We extend our sympathy to the:
· James David “Jim” Fitts, Jr. family
· Bernard Lewis Irby, Sr. family (Kristy Satterfield’s grandfather)
· Elma Jean Bradshaw family
· W.H. Witcher family (Gail Bosiger’s father)
· Maxine Jennings Long family
· Linda Donnell Guill Corelle family (Lana Owen’s sister)
· Christopher Michael Bomar family (Ira and Nelda Ingram’s grandson)
· Walter Leonard “Lennie” Riddle family
· Richard Wheeler family (Barbara Casparius’s father)
· Roy Trent family (Marvis Trent’s brother)

Thank You
Dear Church Family,
Thank you so much for the thoughts, prayers, cards, phone calls and kind words you have blessed our family with.  Knowing you were available to lean on has been a blessing to us.  My dad loved his church building, those who worshipped in it and his Lord.
Love to you all,
Connie (Slagle) and Family

Dear Friends,
Just a note to say “Thanks” for remembering me with a gift to Windmill Farm Bake Shop.  We have already made good use of the certificate!  Thank you also for your prayers.  I am getting stronger each day.  Continue to keep me in your prayers.
Judith Martin

Dear Friends,
There are not enough words to tell you how much I appreciate all you all did in my yard.  I was amazed to have such a large group of ten adults (Moms, Dads, Grandparents) and 8 children (ages 4 to 9).
We had fun.  The kids came with rakes, gloves and the work went fast because there were so many folks.  The children made my day!  I don’t get lonely very often, but I do miss your kids and talking to adults.
Our church should be proud of these children and what they are learning that will last them a lifetime in Christ.  When grandparents, Moms and Dads take their children to church and go with them, the children are learning by example.
My yard looks beautiful.  Thank you very much for coming to help me.  I love all of you.  The children who came are:  Noah R., Abigail, Silas, Noah S., Graham, Keagan, Keller, Kyleigh.  The adults who came are:  Earl, James, Brandy, Megan, Brad, Lauren, Jimmy, Linda, Hal, Tim, Patty.  Pray for this ministry.
With love, prayers and thanks,
Elizabeth Mills

Dear Church Family,
Thank you for the monetary gift at Christmas.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve you in the church office another year.
There was also a “secret Santa” who left me some lovely Christmas socks!  Thank you, too!
You are so important to me.  Your prayers and words of encouragement mean the world to me.
God bless you all,
Gail Martin

Dear Dan River Baptist Church Family,
I appreciate your thinking of me at Christmas.  Thank you so much for the Christmas gift.  I am grateful to serve as the church’s assistant secretary.
With gratitude,
Karen (Smith)

Dear Dan River Baptist Church Family,
Thank you once again for the Christmas bonus you gave me.  Thank you also for your continued prayers and support for the youth and me this past year.  Praying all of you have a safe, healthy and wonderful 2022.
Daniel Barker

Dear Church Members,
Thank you so much for the $100 check.  It means so much to me.  I help Cathy clean the church to both help Cathy and the church.  Ya’ll do so much for the community.  If it’s having a get together or putting together a play, ya’ll always know how to make everyone feel involved and loved.  It’s really like one big family.  Thanks so much once again.
Michael Doss

Dear Dan River,
Hanks so much for the Christmas gift!  It means so much to me and I’m very thankful for it too.  I hope you all had a good Christmas and I wish a happy new year’s to ya!  Hopefully this year will be better than the last.
Caleb Doss

Dear Church family,
Thank you so much for prayers, cards, and phone calls during our grief.  You have been there for us.
John and Gail Bosiger

Christmas Greetings
Christmas greetings were received from:
* Jerry Epps Landscape Company
* Elliott Electric, Inc.
* The Selah Center
* Benton-Thomas Office Products
* Lynn and Rhonda Marstin
* Dennis and Sylvia Knight
* Graffiti Community Ministry
* Doug and Marilyn Gibson
* L.H. and Kaye Seamster
* Doug Spurlock
* Virginia Marshburn
* Virginia Baptist Foundation
* Staff of Robert’s Lawn Care

2022 Budget Approved
The 2022 proposed budget passed Sunday, December 5 – 63 yes with 0 no votes.

2021 Contribution Statements
You can pick up your 2021 contribution statements from the front pew.  If you do not see yours, please contact the Church Office at 434-572-3547.  If you pick statements up for anyone, please let them know you have them right away.  Otherwise, we will need to issue a new statement.  Please help us be good stewards by picking your statement up by Sunday, January 23.  Any remaining statements will have to be mailed after that date.  Thank you.

2022 Offering Envelopes
You can pick up your 2022 offering envelopes from the front pew.  If you do not see yours, please contact the Church Office at 434-572-3547.  If you pick envelopes up for anyone, please let them know you have them right away.  Otherwise, we will need to issue another box.  Thank you.

Youth Group
The youth will meet February 6 at 6:00 PM in the fellowship hall for dinner, a time of fellowship, and Bible study.  For more information, please contact Daniel Barker at 222-0332 or  Invite your friends and look forward to seeing you!

January Bible Study 2022 Continues
The Book of Psalms is a compilation of songs that focus on humanity’s interaction with God.  Within these interactions, we discover God’s character as the songwriter speaks of God as a Shepherd, a King, a Redeemer, a Creator, Just, Holy, and more.  These songs give us deeper insight into God and how we are to relate to Him as His creation.  We find that He loves us and offers the opportunity to be His people and that doing so comes with the expectation of living in light of that relationship.
Join us Wednesdays at 7:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall as Bob Brown leads the study.  It will also be available on Facebook.

Listening and Amendment Sessions-Education Building Window Replacement
There will be a Listening and an Amendment Session Sunday, January 30, following the worship service to discuss the replacement of the windows in the Education Building.  The date for the vote will be announced later, possibly on January 30.

Pastor Search Committee Update
Just as the disciples were disappointed when Jesus was crucified, we too were disappointed when we learned of the prospective pastor's canceling the trip to visit with us.  To visit, with his family, our church, parsonage, the surrounding area, and the towns of Halifax and South Boston. The disciples experienced their "Joy in the Morning" experience when He appeared in their midst and we too had ours when we learned of his possibly visiting the last weekend of this month (Psalms 30:5 "...weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.")  Please continue to pray for us, yourself, and he whom God has chosen.

Mission Action
We can help those without food by participating in our January church-wide mission action project, the collection of nonperishable foods for The Good Samaritan.  Please join us in this Souper Bowl of Caring.  Specific needs include packets of dry milk, cereal, canned meats, peanut butter, cake and cookie mixes, canned fruit, pasta, pasta sauce, soups, stews, etc.  On February 13, Super Bowl Sunday, a love offering will be taken for The Good Samaritan.  Baskets are placed in normal places for your donations.  If you’d like, Karen Smith will shop for you.

WEE School Registration
Plans have already begun for the new preschool year at Dan River W.E.E. (Weekday Early Education) School.   Registration for the 2022 - 2023 school year will be as follows:
· February 15     Registration starts for currently enrolled students and their siblings
· February 21     Registration starts for children of church members
· February 28     Registration starts for the public
If you have questions about our W.E.E. School, feel free to contact Karen Smith, W.E.E. School Director, or Gail Bosiger, W.E.E. School Executive Committee Coordinator.

Triumphant Quartet in Concert
Triumphant Quartet is coming back to South Boston!  This talented, multi award winning group will be returning to South Boston on Friday, April 8.  This time the concert will be downtown at The Prizery.
Tickets can be bought on The Prizery’s website at or you can go straight to The Prizery to buy them.  Seating is limited, so get your tickets early.  The Prizery has agreed to bring more groups like this to the area if we show our support.


January 23rd
Baptist Men’s Day

February 13th
“Souper” Bowl of Caring

February 13th
WOM Focus Sunday

February 14th
Valentines’ Day

February 21th
President’s Day

March 6th -13th
North American Missions Week of Prayer










Wednesday, January 26
  9:00 AM  WEE School
10:00 AM  Patty Davis Sunday School Class (Fellowship Hall)
  7:00 PM  Prayer Concerns/Bible Study

Thursday, January 27
  9:00 AM  WEE School

Friday, January 28
  9:00 AM  WEE School

Sunday, January 30  9:45 AM  Sunday School
10:50 AM  Prayer Concerns
11:00 AM  Morning Worship Service
11:00 AM Children’s Worship
11:45 AM  Listening and Amendment Sessions (Education Building Window Replacements)

Monday, January 31
  9:00 AM  Wee School

Tuesday, February 1
9:00 AM  WEE School
7:00 PM  Pastor Search Committee (Fellowship Hall)
7:00 PM  DRBA Executive Committee (Childrey Baptist Church)

Wednesday, February 2
9:00 AM  WEE School
10:00 AM  Patty Davis Sunday School Class (Fellowship Hall)
7:00 PM  Prayer Concerns/Bible Study

Thursday, February 3
9:00 AM  Daily Bread Ministry
9:00 AM  Wee School

Friday, February 4
9:00 AM  Wee School

Sunday, February 6
9:45 AM  Sunday School
10:50 AM  Prayer Concerns
11:00 AM  Morning Worship Service
11:00 AM Children’s Worship



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