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We extend our sympathy to the:

  • Lois Chesson Cassada family
  • Norma Yancey Henderson family (Jeff Henderson’s mother)

2019 Budget Proposal Revised
The 2019 Proposed Budget was amended at the Amendment Session on November 7.  The amendment is to add an additional line item for non-budgeted custodial jobs.  The new account is #5721-Custodial Projects in the amount of $500.  The revised budget total is now $319,535.  The final budget will be presented for a vote Sunday, December 2, at 10:55 AM, just prior to the service.
Copies of the revised proposed budget are at the entrances to the Sanctuary.

Audit Committee
The Audit Committee will meet in the Library Wednesday, November 14, at 1:00 PM.

Mission Night
Mission night is Wednesday, November 14.  Joe Baldwin, former missionary to Guam, will be the speaker.
Joe will talk about his mission work in Guam where he served 12 years with the Harvest Baptist Ministry.  Currently he is an evangelist, and he recently went on a mission trip to Guatemala.  We look forward to hearing how God is working throughout the world as Joe shares with us.  Everyone is invited to dinner at 6:00.  The  program is at 7:00.

Loyalty Sunday
As we approach this time of Thanksgiving, we can all count the many blessings that our families have had bestowed upon them this year.  As most of you know, our giving this year is running behind our budget, yet our church has many needs and commitments to fulfill.  One of those needs is to complete the window repairs on our beautiful sanctuary.  We have completed the repair on the north side windows and we already had the money set aside to pay for those.  Now we must turn our attention to the windows on the south side of the building which will be more expensive to repair due to working higher off the ground.  We would like to designate Sunday, November 18, as Loyalty Sunday where we ask everyone to dig a little deeper and give your proudest gift that Sunday.  All proceeds above our weekly budgeted needs will go toward completing the repair of the sanctuary windows.

World Hunger Emphasis
Bread banks have been distributed for World Hunger Relief.  If you would like a bank, they are available at the entrances to the Sanctuary.  Please fill your banks with money for World Hunger and return them during the Thanksgiving Eve service Wednesday, November 21.
One half of the money will go to local schools for the back-pack ministry which provides healthy snacks for children and half of the money will go to the Baptist Fund for World Hunger.  Please pray for those who are less fortunate than us as you pray about your offering.

Mission Action
Our November church-wide mission action project is the collection of items for The Passage House in South Boston which officially opened on Oct. 1.  According to Mrs. Bonita Nelson, “We are a transition home, not a homeless shelter.  Transition, as a noun, is the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.  This home has the capability to house those who will be allowed to live there, comfortably and providing all their needs.  A separate building to be used as an office and classroom is located adjacent to the house.”
Much work has been put in restoring and remodeling the home.  Many volunteers have donated their time and money to this project.  The money used to purchase and remodel the home has been provided by fundraising events and donations from businesses, individuals and churches.
The Passage Place is a Christian-based home, which means that virtually no state or federal funds are being used to finance this project, according to Nelson.  In fact, Nelson’s idea and determination to make this home a reality is the result of Matthew West’s contemporary Christian song, “Do Something.”
SO what can we do?  We can donate Ramen noodles, canned ravioli, and canned chicken.  Boxes will be placed throughout the church, and Karen Smith will answer questions and/or shop for you.

Getting to Know the Church
The Outreach Team would like to survey the congregation on their interest in attending a “Getting to Know Dan River Baptist Church” seminar.  The purpose of the seminar would be to familiarize any current, new or potential members with the scope of the Dan River Baptist Church Organization, Activities and Missions.  The event would be scheduled when 10 to 20 individuals requested to participate.  It would last around 2 - 3 hours, occur on a Sunday afternoon and would include snacks or dinner.  If you would like to learn more about your church or if you are willing to help present, please contact Hal McGaughey, Homer Young or Gail Martin in the church office to let us know of your interest.

Part Time Youth and Children’s Leader
Dan River Baptist Church in beautiful South Boston, VA is seeking a part time (8-10 hours a week) youth and children’s leader who has a passion for Jesus and a desire to share God’s love with children, youth and their families in the context of the local church.  The role is to lead, motivate and expand the youth and children’s (5 – 18’s) ministries.  We are looking for an energetic individual who is eager to work with our youth and children.  A background check will be required.  To apply please send your resume to Youth Pastor Search, 1228 Dan River Church RD., Halifax, VA 24558 or see someone on the Personnel Committee.


November 21stThanksgiving Eve Service

November 28th Deacon Ordination Service

November 22nd Thanksgiving Day

December 2nd
First Sunday of Advent









 Tuesday, November 13
  9:00 AM  WEE School
  7:00 PM  Women on Mission (Fellowship Hall)

Wednesday, November 14
9:00 AM  WEE School
1:00 PM  Audit Committee (Library)
6:00 PM  Mission Night Supper
7:00 PM  Mission Friends
7:00 PM  Prayer Meeting/State Missions Program

Thursday, November 15
9:00 AM  WEE School
6:30 PM  God’s Girls Teen Bible Study (Fellowship Hall)

Friday, November 16
9:00 AM  WEE School

Sunday, November 18
9:45 AM  Sunday School
10:45 AM  Deacons’ Prayer Group
11:00 AM  Morning Worship Service
2:00 PM  Girl Scouts
5:00 PM  Children’s Play Practice (Sanctuary)

Monday, November 19
9:00 AM  WEE School
12:45 PM  WEE Faculty Meeting
6:00 PM  Cantata Practice

Tuesday, November 20
9:00 AM  WEE School

Wednesday, November 21
7:00 PM  Thanksgiving Eve Service

Thursday, November 22
hanksgiving Day (Church Offices Closed)

Friday, November 23
(Church Offices Closed)

Saturday, November 24
10:30 AM  Devotions at Boston Commons (Youth)

Sunday, November 25
9:45 AM  Sunday School
10:45 AM  Deacons’ Prayer Group
11:00 AM  Morning Worship Service
6:00 PM  Youth
6:00 PM  Cantata Practice



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